Growth Summit Events

The identity for the Growth Summit events needed to be flexible enough to work in a series and independently. A simple monogram letter was the starting point for each of the logos. The marks were made with two different overlapping fonts divided with segments of color. The event name is nested within the mark creating a unique space that was flexible to change as needed. This design created cohesion across the event collateral and promotional materials that greatly reduced the amount of time needed to execute from event to event.

One highlight from the N. Austin Growth Summit event was the “digital landscape” maps that were used in the keynote presentation. After the event, the extensive growth maps were turned into print and digital content. At the time of publishing the online story was one of the all-time highest-read articles.

An animated intro video can be viewed here.

Adobe CC, PowerPoint, iMovie

Austin Business Journal (ASA Summit includes San Antonio Business Journal)