Best Places to Work

In 2015, I created a logo that would be used nationally by all markets for the Best Places to Work event. This was a first for ACBJ and has always been the benchmark of projects when discussing the possibility of uniting design across the country. To this day I think this mark stands strong. The best part about this logo is getting to watch what great themes and designs markets come up with each year – both on the event and editorial sides. I’m always impressed with how clever the designers get with 4 square boxes. BPTW has been an annual highlight to work on since it launched.

Below are some of Austin Business Journals’ event materials looking back over the past several years. From the Vegas casino to the Kentucky Derby theme, we have probably tried it.

Adobe CC, PowerPoint

ACBJ & Austin Business Journal

VIDEO - Large category countdown to #1 winner slot machine video here. Animated video of slot machine here.