Book of Lists

One of the highlights of working at the Business Journal is designing and production of the annual Book of Lists. In the past 3 years, I have been responsible for multiple markets’ annual publications and produced 15 Book of Lists. In one year alone (2020), I managed 8 books. The Book of List project offers the opportunity to showcase my design skills. I am able to strategize unique sales opportunities and different printing techniques and then create promotional materials to support those ideas for potential advertisers. Crafting the design and theme is the fun part and is especially exciting when working with editorial teams from different cities. The production process is a test of organization and stamina but pays big rewards once completed.

Below is a look behind the scenes and a few examples of my past work.

Adobe CC, Photography

Albuquerque, Austin, Birmingham, Dayton, Jacksonville, Memphis, Milwaukee, Phoenix (x2), Sacramento, San Antonio (x2), Wichita

Gold foil emboss die
Vertical gate fold mock-up
A video of the pop-up ad can be viewed here. This was a mock-up for the sales pitch presentation.